A few important things to consider before you begin:
Sincerity matters here. Avoid general statements such as “I want this procedure so I can look better” or “I want this procedure for my health” and focus on the details. We want to know why this is so important to you. What moments in your life have led you to want this procedure done?

You want a particular plastic surgery procedure. Why is it you want that procedure above all others?How would it make you feel after you had it done? Would you feel more confident? More beautiful? Would it help you finally capture the attention of the person that means so much to you?

You should answer the question: “what has stopped you from getting this procedure in the past?”

Imagine you are the surgeon and you can only choose one winner. Would you choose a video, a letter, a PowerPoint? Any media form will work, so use your imagination and come up with the best way to tell your story!